It’s a pleasure to be able to do something for you. And for us at the same time, too.

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  • Beschaffung, Produktionssteuerung,
  • Vertriebsgesellschaft  

Streamlined, flexible, cost-conscious – good service has got the look.

It pays to be part of the Wünsche Group. Our affiliates profit all round from what we understand to be service: this would be logistics, personnel, quality, finances, corporate responsibility, IT and customer service. All of this has lots of advantages. For instance, that, as a result, each individual company can concentrate on what’s essential: its business – and truly strive to reach the peak of its performance. Or that you don’t have to continually reinvent the wheel – for each challenge there has long been the right solution within the company. Or that valuable resources can be leveraged together and in an optimal way – wherever they can be used to their fullest. Thus, administrative tasks are left to those who understand them the best. And all others can fully focus their energy and expertise on investing in viable product ideas and creating solutions for their customers.

The fact that we can count on this team of in-house service providers so much also has a host of benefits for you: we remain flexible, are fast and proactive, and ensure that the costs are within budget at the same time. This enables us to be competitive and makes it easier for us to integrate new companies – especially in foreign countries. Our country offices make sure we have fast access to procurement markets or are responsible for international sales. All together, they are an invaluable advantage for us within global competition. Our Service Unit, too, is naturally, like all other parts of the Wünsche Group, obligated to comply with high social and environmental standards. They pay particular attention to continually assuring that these are also in place in other company fields. This is what we understand to be all-round service.

More room for what matters: our customers and our products.