The world of Wünsche

Working world and company culture

Being innovative is more than just a nice extra – it’s our company objective. To ensure we live up to this, we need flexible employees who like change. At the same time, no one is left on their own. Each profits from the experience of their fellow colleagues and everyone supports one another. Really. As a family-run company, we want for each employee to take responsibility. This not only requires trust and belief in what you can do, but also a functioning network. That’s the way we work at the Wünsche Group.


Fair and attractive salaries for good work are one thing. Another are the additional perks which are individually agreed to, depending on the country and your position. This could range from the company pension scheme or allowances to the use of the public transport system. A company that aims to profit from change also wants to naturally help its staff to develop further. Language courses and other further education or training measures are a matter of course. Wünsche is also sporty on top.


What we promise our customers is what our employees can also rely on: honesty, straightforwardness and open-mindedness. We’re proud of our culture of feedback and the trust that it is based on. We want to get feedback and critique from everyone and for everything – even apart from the regular employee assessment talks. Our communication is shaped by respect and acceptance and caters to bringing all of us further. Team spirit, honesty and mutual understanding encourage contact at Wünsche – across all companies and teams.

Mission statement

“Act for tomorrow” is our company philosophy. And this encompasses a lot. In short, you could say: we have a lot of fun giving it our all. We love change and make the most of it. We are optimistic and grab our work by the horns. And during all this, we remain fair and partnership-like and obligated to meeting high ethical standards. This is how success functions in the long run. And it is how our traditional merchant roots want it to be.

Flat hierarchy

We are a family company. So why take the long way when the short one will do? Bureaucracy or closed doors are not who we are – instead, we prefer direct and personal communication. We don’t delegate decisions so that they are out of our hair, but instead decide things for ourselves and, above all, take care of them ourselves. At the same time, we foster a culture of errors which caters to learning and developing further in a positive direction. Meeting marathons? Nope. That makes us fast, straight and effective – and that makes us the Wünsche Group.

Personal development

Each employee is different, and every employee can change their goals and visions in life over time. We are prepared. That’s why we make individual arrangements with each employee which give them the space they desire to develop further. This includes frequent employee assessment reviews, coaching and training offers, to name just a few.