Logistics management

The art of the right timing.

The requirement we place on our logistics: each product is to be delivered to our customer just in time or just in sequence, and definitely in a flawless condition. Our logistics experts ensure these are met. They are responsible for roughly 18,000 TEU of sea freight and 16,000 TEU of land freight every year. This is in addition to rail freight and intermodal transport of around 1,500 TEU annually. Or, put plainly: At least 45 lorries and 50 containers with goods for and from the Wünsche Group are out on the streets and oceans – worldwide and every day. In addition to the operative tasks, we also take charge of the logistical strategy. Concepts, analyses and planning in this field have been one of our greatest strengths since day one.

Our logistics team organises the flow of goods for all business fields – amounting to about 1,200 connections “coming” and “going”. The worldwide storage capacities are also managed and permanently expanded.

Other services in logistics management include:

•   Insurance for transport and storage as well as product liability

•   Selling off of remaining stock, shelf warmers, returns

•   Legal consultation for customers and foreign trade legislation

•   Processing of open stock

•   Damage and claim handling

•   Carrier management

•   Stocks

When it comes to logistics, the Wünsche Group falls back on a global and wide-reaching network of more than 80 service providers. Wherever you need someone to transport something – we have the solution for you. Together, we cover various services: stock and warehouse management, remaining stock management, packaging and goods preparation, special transports, IT solutions, contract logistics, temperature-based transports and hazardous material deliveries.

We turn even long distances into short paths.