A good thing business sense never goes out of fashion.

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    Under- and Nightwear
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Variety and responsibility: in perfect harmony.

Many think it’s impossible to predict which trends will come out on top. We don’t think so. Especially in the field of fashion, our sense for approaching styles and the fun we have making transitions are just two of our greatest advantages. You need experience, creativity and a good nose to always be right in your estimates – and that time and time again, over decades. For all bulk buyers who trade with casual and sports clothing, sleepwear and underwear, knits, foundation garments and swimwear, we are your first address. The right look at the right time is just one secret to our success. Our experts know each market, and hence the target groups, precisely. The products are designed in our European design centre, which is supported by colleagues from all over the globe.

In this way, our designs perfectly match the needs of our buyers. Because we have a tight-knit collaboration with producers, we can ensure designs are realised reliably, quickly and in line with our high ethical standards – with a keen eye on the quality of the material and workmanship. And where others continue to focus their efforts on maintaining social and ecological guidelines, we are already in the process of improving them in accordance with amfori. Of course without compromising the optimal value for money. Fashion is continually changing and with Wünsche as your partner, it’s easy to make the most of each trend for your type.

Where are the trends headed? To the top.