Company history

The history of a company which also lived in the future back in the day.

If you want to go far, it’s best if you know where you’re going. At Wünsche, we have always recognised early on which path will lead us in the direction of intelligent growth. The move to the open-minded city of Hamburg is evidence of the first step we took in opening up business worldwide. Ever since then, we have always been ready for positive change at the right time.

Whether we tapped into new business fields, new logistics opportunities and competencies or new regions – the growth of the Wünsche Group has also always been an evolution. The future waits for no one – that’s why we feel so much at home in it.

  • 1934 Founding of the grain and feed company Ludwig Wünsche & Co. in Halle (Saale), Germany
  • 1949 Move of headquarters to Hamburg, Germany
  • 1959 Now counting 20 employees, entry into the food trade, Wolf Jürgen Wünsche enters the company
  • 1960s Development of the tinned food division, internationalisation of the company
  • 1970s Non-food products such as traditional consumer goods, technical devices and leisure fashion complement the portfolio
  • 1982 Development of the Consumer division
  • 1983 Opening of the office in Shanghai
  • 1989 Flotation of the Wünsche AG
  • 1992 Dario, Vinnen and Wünsche Food leave the corporation
  • 1995 Development of the Fashion division
  • 1998 Founding of the Electronics division
  • 2011 Expansion into the USA
  • 2012 Founding of the E-commerce division
  • 2016 More than 1,000 employees, over 25 operating companies at 35 locations worldwide

Our strength lies in our ability to change.