Core competence

We know our costumers.

Our customers have a reliable partner in the Wünsche Group who is always at their side. We know your business, your structures and your needs, and fully adapt ourselves to these. We see it as our challenge to boost your service and image towards end consumers – and we can face this with success thanks to our experience, expert know-how and international synergies.

The many facets of the Wünsche Group make us fast and flexible, while always keeping our sights on the product. We give open and honest consultation, sometimes even in a provocative manner – and thus bring our customers and partners further.

We see our suppliers as partners.

Ever since day one of the Wünsche Group, we have been thinking beyond the here and now. This can only mean: acting in a partnership-like way. Success yes, but for the long run and as a team. The result is fertile relations from which everyone profits over the decades.

We have been working with our trade partners around the globe for many years now – one reason why we treat them with respect and fairly. And it also helps that we are active on-site. Our international partners can count on our proactive competence when it comes to quality assurance.

We fully rely on our team. And you can do the same.

Our employees are our capital – they are what make the Wünsche Group so successful. We trust them and rely on their ability to take responsibility and to support one another. Unnecessary hierarchies are not who we are. We prefer to encourage an open culture of feedback – in both directions. This means we not only have a great company culture, we also have a great company balance sheet.

Calm and collected, we control the fate of the Group. Quick decisions, reduced bureaucracy and farsighted thinking: these are the good things about an independent, family-run company in our opinion. If you have a passion for novel ideas and enjoy learning, if you have energy and enthusiasm, then we’re the right place for you.

We understand your markets.