Product development

Some of us find a new job every day.

It’s great when you can get excited about a good thing and be satisfied with it. We could never do that. Our passion pushes us to improve existing products or realise new ones which nobody has ever even thought of before. This is exactly what our many experts in all business fields work on at the Wünsche Group. They are on the road around the globe, at trade fairs and more, and are card-carrying knowers of their scene and community – both online and offline. At the same time, they continually take into account the strategies and concerns of our customers. What is ideal for them? How can an item be integrated into their range of products? Which trends does a consumer article have to cater to? Even with so much enthusiasm for the idea, how about the robustness or safety of the product?

These and additional questions are answered by our engineers, designers and other experts during the process of product development. When it comes to innovations and optimisations, we advise you at eye level at all times. This means we can be quite provocative – if only because of our feeling of responsibility for your success.

Other services for product development include:

•   Sampling

•   Development of prototypes

•   Stipulation of product specifications, legal and customer-specific   

•   Audits and testing procedures

We rely on teamwork for our product development. The after-sales service team can contribute its experience just as much to your profits as our colleagues from quality assurance. Of course, we consider requirements for sustainability or social standards here, too. Once a product idea has gotten off the ground, we select the right producer to match the strategy. To achieve this, we commission a prototype and check its quality and if all requirements have been met. This includes both customer-specific needs and legal regulations as well as social standards.

Thousands of new ideas are launched on the market every year – by our customers together with us. Our wide-reaching network of reliable manufacturers round the globe, tried-and-tested over many years, gives us the speed and flexibility needed for coping with such an enormous task.

The world is full of great ideas. We find them for you.