In order to drive change, we ourselves need to be dynamic.

We are a dynamic and multifaceted trading and service company and take wide ranging responsibilities for our community and the environment. The success and stability of the Wünsche Group can only be guaranteed if our actions are in harmony with the well-being of people and nature. This is our guiding principle in ensuring that products are manufactured fairly. Furthermore, this principle is an essential building block to reach the future we aspire to have. It is based on respect for our environment and for the people we work with.

Through our role as an intermediary, we have taken on the challenge of not only fulfilling our customers’ requirements, but also achieving our own sustainability goals. Our actions are rooted in authenticity. We are constantly adapting to new requirements. We are thus, already on the right track and will continue to work towards making a positive contribution to sustainable change in trade.

Read here what our mission means in detail:

Policy Communication

We want to ensure that fair and sustainable trade both is and remains possible.

  • The manufacturing of our products is made possible solely by the people involved in the individual processes. The well-being of these people is important to us. Therefore, we see it as our duty to protect them from risks like child labour, forced labour, excessive overtime or inadequate pay.

    Read our policy on child labour here.
  • We advocate for their basic rights, such as workplace safety and freedom of association.We equally take responsibility for the risks and negative impact of our business activities in terms of the environment. First and foremost, we are developing strategies aimed at conserving resources, with a focus on reducing emissions and detoxifying our textile supply chains.
  • In our commitment to corporate responsibility, we are guided by international standards, such as international human rights conventions, the ILO fundamental labour conventions, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Our Corporate Responsibility Pillars

We manage the potential risks of our global business activities through our holistic approach to sustainability management. This approach is based on the following three pillars:

Since 2017, our commitment in the areas of social responsibility and environmental protection has been consolidated into one Corporate Responsibility department for the group.

Social Responsibility

Management of social standards in the supply chain of all product lines

Environmental Responsibility

Chemical management in the textile supply chain, tracking of our CO2 footprint and a reduction in environmental impact for the group

Product Responsibility

Management of sustainable product certificates

We are convinced that our long-term success and competitiveness can only be guaranteed if we take sustainable action for the benefit of future generations. On the following pages, you can read in detail about our approach to achieving our mission.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please write to us at responsibility[at]

As of February 2021

We take on complex challenges and master them as a team.